How the Best Candidates Separate Themselves

During our Riverpoint Management recruiting efforts, we’ve noticed that the most impressive candidates tend to do a few simple but essential things to stand out from the crowd. Here are the behaviors we look for in potential additions to our team.

First of all, we want to hear how good a fit each candidate would be for our Riverpoint Management culture. This requires interviewees to do extensive research on our company, including our pain points and the competition we face in the marketplace. If a person can show that he or she understands these things, we’re immediately intrigued.

It’s also a good idea for jobseekers to show how they have handled feedback in past jobs. Constant improvement is a hallmark of our team environment, so we want to know that anyone we onboard can take input from others and turn it into meaningful change. Candidates who have compelling stories of how they’ve improved have a much better chance of joining our team.

Interviewees also need to know their résumés well. We prefer to see people who not only know their CVs inside and out, but can also match their unique skills to the position for which they’re applying. Doing so helps us visualize the person making a big impact on our company.

We emphasize these behaviors when we evaluate potential hires. To find out more about our company culture, follow us on https://www.facebook.com/riverpointmanagement