Bringing Back Winning Insights From Dallas Conference

In January, select members of Team Riverpoint Management headed to Dallas for a top leader’s conference. Kelly, our firm’s Director of Operations, stated, “Our promotional specialists came back with an array of fresh insights and helpful new contacts. I think they’re well equipped to make 2018 a year to remember!”

Jessica, Sara, Stephanie, and Loreen were the team leaders who attended the conference. Jessica remarked, “Having the opportunity to interact with top leaders in Dallas was an impactful experience. It showed me that anyone can achieve success in this business by truly understanding the big picture of our industry. We met people who have been through the same challenges we face and emerged stronger than they were before. The knowledge leaders shared with us at the conference was eye-opening, and I know I’ll use some of their ideas to build my own career.”

Sara added, “I feel more comfortable trusting my own leadership development process after attending the conference. It was humbling to see all the regional and national consultants who have been in my shoes and are now impacting so many others all over the nation. Knowing that they’ve overcome obstacles to become stronger leaders and better people inspired me so much. The idea of people building up other people has never resonated with me as much as it does now!”

Stephanie was excited to fly to Dallas and take in everything the whole experience had to offer. She commented, “I was able to learn so much about effective interviewing and building a great team. I also got to see how many different approaches can guide people to big wins. I’m so ready to apply what I learned in my own Riverpoint Management endeavors.”

Loreen remarked, “The speakers at the conference highlighted several important topics that are critical to our leadership growth. I would say I learned more during this two-day event than I have in years of schooling and work. Hearing so many different perspectives on what it takes to succeed is incredibly valuable. I’m very thankful to Kelly for selecting me to go on the trip.”

We’re already looking forward to the next top leaders conference. Check out the Riverpoint Management Newswire to receive updates on our team travel events.