Our Latest Learning Initiative Provides Many Benefits

There are many ways in which we empower our brand ambassadors to succeed. We offer a thorough training system and one-to-one coaching, for example, ensuring that everyone at Riverpoint Management has access to the foundation of knowledge they need to thrive in our industry.

We don’t stop there though. We also encourage continual learning to make sure that our skills stay relevant. Kelly, Riverpoint Management’s Director of Operations, explained a new initiative we’ve begun to inspire both team-building and continuing education. “We started a book club to read business-related titles together,” Kelly explained. “We just finished “The Energy Bus,” and we learned so much about how to be positive and forward-thinking when it comes to life and work. Doing a book club is great for company morale, leadership, and setting goals.”

This commitment to developing ourselves and each other is at the core of our firm’s success. We understand that people are what make our company great, so we invest in the personal and professional growth of our promotional specialists. This guarantees that we continue to dominate the market in our sphere, and that those who join our team can achieve any goal they set for themselves.

Book clubs are among the ways we create a culture of learning. To find out more about our empowering environment (or just to see what we’re reading next), follow Riverpoint Management on Facebook.