Learning and Networking in Dallas

Travel opportunities frequently come along for us as members of Team Riverpoint Management. Recently, a few select individuals from our team were chosen to attend the quarterly networking conference in Dallas. Those who attended the event came back to the office freshly inspired to achieve ambitious goals.

During the conference, our branding experts had plenty of chances to expand their horizons. There was hands-on training in a variety of emerging practices, as well as keynote speeches from influential leaders. It was an unmatched opportunity for our people to expand their networks and learn new concepts.

Travel events like the Dallas conference allow us to grow closer as people while we build our skill sets. We get to see personality traits that might not get expressed during the normal course of business. When we come back to the Riverpoint Management office, we’re excited to share our new knowledge with the rest of the team.

Getting away from the office also helps us see our work from a different perspective. Being around so many successful people reminds us of what’s possible in our industry. It also helps us see how innovative and unique our promotions really are.

Our team members made the most of their experience in Dallas. It’s safe to say we’re looking forward to our next big industry function. Keep up with all our travel events by following Riverpoint Management on Twitter.