We’re Looking for New Talent

As we continue to meet and exceed our aggressive growth goals, we’re ready to add fresh talent to Team Riverpoint Management. Our firm is an ideal destination due to our in-depth training program and commitment to merit-based advancement.

Kelly, our firm’s Director of Operations, explained, “We’re looking for people who are outgoing, eager to learn, and super motivated. Anyone looking for an opportunity to build their skills and develop a rewarding career should feel free to apply. We don’t offer a typical job; we want to help people realize their full potential in a supportive work atmosphere.”

Our immersive training approach is one of the biggest attractions Riverpoint Management offers to talented candidates. Kelly added, “We provide hands-on education in every aspect of our operations. By allowing new hires to cut their teeth working on real-world projects, we put them in position to thrive. Our team members can tackle any new challenges that come their way because we equip them with valuable experience from their first days on the job.”

We also offer clear pathways to advancement, which inspire our people to perform at their best. “Every team member knows what he or she must do to reach the next level within our firm,” Kelly noted. “By being transparent and promoting based on merit, we keep our people engaged in their work.”

We’re excited to keep expanding our team and our company’s reach. Check out the Riverpoint Management Newswire to stay updated on our hiring efforts.