What We Do For Our Clients

The Riverpoint Management Inc. team is comprised of intelligent and positive young professionals who will go the extra mile to provide superior service to clients. We seek to take our clients’ brand to the next level. Using event-based marketing and effective methods of direct sales and promotions, our clients can expect to have the most profitable results.

We represent some of the most respected brands in the nation and our clients rely on us to provide them with face-to-face promotions that are effective. We connect directly with consumers to produce significantly higher profits and brand awareness for the clients. The consumers are able to have hands-on experiences with our clients products at our events, allowing them to make a more informed buying decision and creating the best exposure for our clients.

What We Do For Our Team

In order to provide such fantastic results for our clients, we need equally fantastic brand ambassadors. We make sure our team members have mastered the art of communication and are trained to develop solid relationships with potential customers. Our clients can expect to get the best results from every member of our team due to our stringently-upheld company values:

Supportive Environment


Team Mentality


We take the time to teach and train each team member valuable skills that they can apply to all aspects of their life.  We teach them everything they need to know about our hand on marketing, how to develop personally and professionally with clients, contractors, and coworkers and what it takes to be a great example for others.

What We Do For The Community

We are proud to support every community in which we work through volunteer work. Riverpoint Management Inc maintains a philanthropic outlook and will continue to give back to those in need on a regular basis.
Toy Drive

Join Forces With an Exceptional Team

Riverpoint Management, Inc.’s consistent focus on professional development and commitment to performance-based advancement put motivated individuals and our clients on the path to lasting success. Our progressive training approach fosters the creation of highly-skilled and extremely versatile executives who know how to reach each client’s ideal buying audience.