Preparing for the Dallas Conference

We use all types of travel events to expand our team members’ horizons, including a range of conferences and seminars. Right now, we’re preparing for the Dallas conference, which is the final quarterly conference of the year. Kelly, our Director of Operations, explained, “This event promises so many benefits. There will be great networking potential and valuable insights that can drive further growth for Riverpoint Management.”

There will be great speakers at the conference as well, sharing their industry expertise and best practices for sustaining success. Kelly stated, “Not only will our people be able to learn from these influential industry leaders, they’ll get the chance to build meaningful connections. This is especially impactful for our newer team members who get to attend, because they’ll gain powerful insights to jumpstart their careers.”

We’ve been thinking of how to innovate our product offerings so they’re seen as hero lines by customers. There will be lots of chances to boost our marketing game during the conference. Our Director added, “Some of the biggest players in our industry will be traveling to Dallas. There are few better ways to set ourselves up for breakthrough success than to be around encouraging and accomplished people. I’m excited to see what our people bring back to the Riverpoint Management office.”

The Dallas trip should be a memorable and productive one.