PRESS RELEASE: Riverpoint Management Sets Goals for New Year

PITTSBURGH, PA – Riverpoint Management leaders have been reflecting on the firm’s 2017 achievements and looking ahead to ambitious 2018 goals. The company’s Director of Operations discussed expansion plans and why setting goals is so important.

Members of Team Riverpoint Management are gearing up for a big 2018 by reflecting on the past year’s success. Kelly, the firm’s Director of Operations, has been thinking back on her own achievements as well. She explained, “Our entire team thrived in 2017, which enabled me to rack up some personal wins. I was co-winner of the Consistency Manager of the Year award and traveled to 12 different cities in the process. Travel has always been a major goal of mine, so these excursions were especially rewarding.”

Kelly was also able to take several team members and her entire family to the R&R retreat in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic. In addition, the Director reflected on the firm’s successful first-year expansion deal in Philadelphia. She added, “Hannah has been up and running in this market for a full year now, and I can’t wait to see what she accomplishes in 2018.”

In the year to come, Kelly wants to expand into three new territories. She is also focused on starting a new division in Pittsburgh. Developing top leaders will be another point of emphasis in 2018. The Director remarked, “I’d like to see two team members ascend to assistant management in the next six months. Maintaining the success we saw in the fourth quarter of 2017 will be important if we’re going to reach our goals. To give ourselves a better chance of success, we’ll also be focusing more than ever on team fitness. We want to be physically strong and resilient day after day.”

Riverpoint Management’s Director of Operations on the Importance of Goal Setting

Setting ambitious goals is a way of life around the Riverpoint Management office. Kelly commented, “Setting goals allows for a concrete representation of what we want for the future. Taking what we dream of achieving, formulating those ideas into goals, and then setting a timeline for completion gives us a literal blueprint for success. Our abstract hopes become realistic frameworks for success.”

The core Riverpoint Management values of collaboration, positivity, and professional integrity help team members reach their objectives. Kelly inspires her promotional specialists with a few quotes, including Henry Ford’s following words of wisdom, “Quality means doing it right when no one is looking.” This quote is reflected in the firm’s work culture. The Director explained, “Our company as a whole features hard-working and dedicated individuals who truly care about each other and the brands we represent. Going into 2018 with aggressive goals, I’m certain that our people are going to deliver the best returns yet and hit their personal objectives as well.”

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