Proven Productive Commute Strategies

Our trips to and from the Riverpoint Management office have become key parts of our workdays. We want to use all the time we have in a typical day to our advantage, so we’ve been using the following practices to make our commutes productive.

Listening to audiobooks and podcasts has made a significant difference in our commuting experiences. There is so much great content out there, including a wide range of books and programs related to the marketing and consulting services industry. We keep sharing recommendations with each other, with no sign of running out anytime soon.

We also use voice recorders, usually on our phones, to make notes during our trips to and from work. This is a great way to capture ideas or just refine our to-do lists both before and after the workday. We might even make notes about things unrelated to our careers, just to stay ahead of the curve in our busy lives.

Taking time for reflection is another way we’re making the most of our Riverpoint Management commutes. This isn’t relegated to big projects at the office; we also think about the things in our life for which we’re grateful. We’ve found that gratitude is a prime motivator when it comes to reaching our most ambitious goals.

These strategies have made our commuting experiences much more positive. To find out more about our company culture, follow us on https://twitter.com/RiverpointMgmt