Shared Traits Among Successful Founders

We’re inspired by thriving entrepreneurs here at Riverpoint Management HQ, studying their behaviors and attributes as we chase our own objectives. Here are a few of the traits we’re working to develop to emulate the most successful founders’ success.

One thing elite founders share is a willingness to take calculated risks. This doesn’t mean they’re reckless; they carefully research potential outcomes before they jump into any venture. We’re committed to pushing the Riverpoint Management envelope when it makes sense, knowing that some risks carry big rewards.

The desire to learn more is also common among the most successful entrepreneurs. This isn’t limited to their own industries, because they know the most impactful insights can come from other areas of interest. They filter everything they learn through their own visions of success, boosting their chances of long-term relevance in the process.

Networking is another key element of thriving founders’ success, because they understand the value of gaining different perspectives. Making new contacts is simply another way for entrepreneurs to keep learning. They take the insights from peers and mentors to amplify their efforts. The fact that their new connections may lead to future partnerships is just icing on the cake.

We’re doing our best to emulate these attributes and skills possessed by top founders.