Simple Strategies for Effective Networking

The importance of networking isn’t lost on us around the Riverpoint Management office. That’s why we attend so many industry events, from conferences and seminars to exotic retreats. We’ve learned through our experiences that the simplest strategies typically provide the best results when it comes to building our networks.

One of the most important things we keep in mind when networking is that quality always trumps quantity. In other words, we set rather modest goals for how many new contacts we want to make at a given event. If we focus on forging a handful of genuine connections rather than collecting a ton of business cards, we’re more likely to leave with meaningful allies.

We also do our best to keep open minds as we build our Riverpoint Management contact lists. Someone who doesn’t seem like an influencer today could be a VIP tomorrow, after all. We also remind ourselves that lower-level professionals can have connections in very high places.

Being generous is another key aspect of any successful networking approach. Rather than ask for a favor from someone we just met, we make a point of offering our assistance first. If we make it plain that we’re here to help from the outset of a relationship, we set the right tone for a productive bond.

These strategies keep our networks growing.