Successful Networking Tips for Introverts

Networking is a key element of any successful career, but it doesn’t come naturally to everyone. The introverted members of Team Riverpoint Management would likely agree with this statement. However, we’ve discovered a few strategies that help even the most reserved people succeed in their networking efforts.

Perhaps the most important thing an introvert can do is change the mind-set he or she brings into a networking event. Rather than try to connect with everyone they meet, it’s helpful to stick to a modest goal of making a handful of connections. Leaving a big industry gathering with three or four potentially helpful allies is a solid goal our Riverpoint Management team members keep in mind.

Online networking is also a valid option for introverts. Industry forums and groups on both LinkedIn and Facebook represent easy ways to connect with likeminded people. The bonds that begin through these virtual methods can be strengthened by meeting in person at conferences or through informal chats.

In general, it’s best for reserved people to find smaller groups and events to build their networks. It’s also important to remember that most other people are simply doing the best they can to forge connections. Everyone is feeling their way through the process, so there’s no reason to feel fear.

These simple reminders help our introverts expand their contact lists. Find more of our best networking advice by following us on Newswire .