Top Habits of Connected Professionals

Just as we do with the most successful business leaders, we study top-flight networkers around the Riverpoint Management office to learn how they achieve consistent excellence. Here are a few habits we’ve discovered in the process, which we’re doing our best to emulate.

One thing connected people always do is listen intently to their new and existing contacts. Doing so signals that they are genuinely interested in other people’s achievements and talents. They never interrupt and make sure to give their full attention whenever another person is speaking.

It’s always important to treat other people how we want to be treated, but we’ve found this especially true during our Riverpoint Management networking exploits. A strong reputation for treating people with respect will definitely help build a broader network. We keep this in mind every time we head out to an industry conference or similar networking-rich event.

Another thing well-connected professionals do is celebrate their contacts’ accomplishments. A quick note of congratulations is all it takes to let someone know we’re thinking about him or her. Sending one is a great way to keep a relationship alive and healthy. A phone call or in-person conversation will send the message even more effectively.

We’re using these techniques to improve our networking efficiency. To find out more about our company culture, follow us on https://twitter.com/RiverpointMgmt