What We Ask About During Interviews

It’s important to ask the right types of questions if you expect to find the best possible additions to your team. We’ve learned this through experience here at Riverpoint Management HQ, which is why we always ask about the following key topics during interviews:

• Fulfilling Aspects of Previous Jobs: We want to know what candidates have truly enjoyed about prior jobs. If their answers revolve around tackling new challenges or learning new things every day, we know we have some good cultural fits on our hands.

• How Their Responsibilities Have Progressed: The ability to adapt to changing needs is something we emphasize in the Riverpoint Management office, so it’s naturally something we inquire about during interviews. It’s always a plus when we learn that a person took on increasing duties in a previous position.

• What Unique Skills They Have: This is a standard question, but what we’re looking for in response is rather specific. We want to hear exactly how a person’s unique talents will translate to the position we want to fill. The way a candidate answers this inquiry will tell us a lot about how much he or she prepared for the interview.

These questions help us identify the perfect fits for our Riverpoint Management work culture. Check out our Newswire feed for more on how we approach the interviewing and hiring processes.